Everybody's Happy Nowadays

[2008] Video 35 min

In the video performance "Everybody's Happy Nowadays", a sentence taken from Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ is endlessly repeated by performer Javier Marisco, along with specific ordered actions like drinking rum and smiling to the camera, all in accordance with the inflexible pace of a time signal, every 15 seconds. Though planned to last one hour, the performance had to be interrupted at 35 minutes due to alcohol intoxication.

2009 - "Panorama international videoart". Video Screening at Gallery El Ovni Cuadrado. Valencia - Spain
2009 - "Teatergatan 5-3" Solo exhibition at Gallery Rotor 2, Göteborg - Sweden
2009 - 32nd Göteborg International Film Festival, Röhsska Museet
2009 - KRETS Film Festival, Malmö
2008 - 10th ELIA Biennial Conference, at Valand School of Fine Arts